#F**kYouSpotify #F**kYouAppleMusic

Those of my friends who have heard me banging on about Cryptocurrencies will not be surprised by this: one of the most interesting things about the blockchain Technology (which underlies Bitcoin, etc.,) is that it offers hope to those of us who rely on digitising our intellectual property to make money. For the first time since the internet appeared, there is a very real possibility of making my music available in a way that makes it unstealable and (perhaps more importantly) at a price and conditions decided by me.

Like most independent musicians, I have spent the last decade grudgingly putting material on Spotify, Apple’s various music portals, Amazon, YouTube, etc., because I have had to. They set the price without consulting me, they institute and then remove Digital Rights Management protocols with no consultation, they do not allow me to see their accounts or have any say over MY intellectual property… enough.

I’ve just released a 2-track EP on aurovine.com The Guerrilla Guitarist EP at a price of my choosing {$2 per track) and I only need to sell 2 copies to make more money than all my music has made over the last 8 years on the streaming sites. I’ll release more material and in future this is where I’ll sell my music.
I’ll also offer artists I produce at my studio the option to release their material on my Driftwood Studio label profile https://www.aurovine.com/user/Driftwood%20Studio and share the proceeds according to agreements we make together.

Inspired by Brexit (although I abhor it and predict that it won’t happen) I am taking back control. I got my music back.